Friday, March 25, 2016

First Time Sewer

This title is a little misleading since I have attempted to sew a couple of other times in my life. None were too successful. I had all these grand ideas of things I was going to create, pretty fabrics picked out, and tons of enthusiasm....only to sadly discover that I couldn't sew in a straight line or figure out that stupid bobbin. It was just a mess that would ultimately leave me disheartened and swearing off the sewing machine for another couple years.

Linda, my mother-in-law, is quite talented in this department. I think since I am married to her son, she felt inclined to at least give me the skills to fix his pants or shirt should the need arise.Thus, she bought me my very own sewing machine! Wow! (Up until this point I had just been borrowing from others...which worked out fine for me, since I usually gave up in a week and could then just return the machine and have it OUT of my sight!)

She gave me the machine right after Christmas and has been bugging me to schedule "Sewing Lessons" with her for months. I knew I had to give in sometime, and honestly, I am glad I did. With a baby on the way, I am FULL of new grand ideas for cutesy baby fabrics.

Lesson 1: How does this thing work?

Lesson 2: Sewing in a straight line 101 (Baby Blanket)

Lesson 3: Sewing in a straight line 201 (Nursing cover)

Lesson 4: Following sewing instructions (Fabric Baby Book)

Lesson 5: Finding a Need (Fitted Bassinet Sheet)

Lesson 6:  (Nursery Room Curtains)

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