Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ladies Slumber Party

This may have you time-traveling back to being 12 years old. When you invited a bunch of friends over, and you stayed up all night eating pizza, singing along to Hanson (okay, maybe this was just me), and playing M.A.S.H. and "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board." You probably remember a lot of drama as the night wore on and you all became snippy with each other.
My husband and I each are incredibly lucky to each have a small group of really awesome friends. His live in Italy and mine are spread out all over the state. I am definitely long over-do for some quality "girl time." Thus, the sleepover.
I tried googling adult sleepover ideas, but honestly, there just isn't a big market on this. Unless, like many of the hits I got, you are looking for sex games and menu items that are either an aphrodisiac or you can lick off of your significant other. Well, that's not really the kind of party I had in mind (although I will definitely store some away for a special date night with my husband. Wink, wink!)
As for the Adult Girls Slumber are my ideas!

1. Invitations: Send out invitations about 4 weeks out. I get so much junk in the mail (and bills!), I know I would appreciate a pretty card inviting me a party. It's just not done much anymore and I think it's a nice touch that should be brought back. I Facebook messaged all the ladies first to pick a date though. :) Then I brought pretty invites for only $3.99 from Target and hand-wrote each one while watching an episode of Bones.
 Tip: I made RSVPing super easy by having everyone just post on my Facebook wall. I made them post their favorite snack, beverage, and color if they were attending. This made picking out those things even easier. Now I am sure that everyone will have at least one of their favorite things at the party.

 2. Sleeping Arrangements: While sleeping in the floor in a sleeping bag was cute when you were 12, not so much now. Also, I have hardwood floors, so that’s not even an option! I made sure I had enough sheets and blankets for the guest room, the futon in the office, the sleeper sofa, and the air mattress. I was also willing to give up my own bed for one of the less comfortable sleeping places if necessary. They don’t need to be hotel style accommodations. Everyone doesn’t need their own room either, but they do need to be somewhat comfortable.
Tip: If you are short on blankets/pillows/air mattresses or whatever, don’t be afraid to ask your friends to bring their own or ask if your family or friends have any you can borrow. There is no need to rush out and buy new items.
3. Décor: My party is in February in Wisconsin. So needless to say, it is really cold. Thus I am going for a somewhat tropical theme. I am not really doing much in way of decorating, but I will have tropical napkins and snack plates as well as fun straws and glasses for tropical beverages. If I have some left over money, I may get some flowers as a centerpiece; but most likely I will just opt for a pretty bowl with pineapple and other fruit in it. It will double as a snack or as breakfast the next morning!
Tip: For me, unless it’s a holiday, décor should be at a minimum. People usually don’t care that much and it’s an easy way to save on money. Use things you already have around the house: tropical candles, fresh fruit, and décor from a previous party. See if you have items in other rooms of the house you can move around and use for this purpose. My goal: minimal and understated! 

4. Menu: There are a lot of interesting food issues to work around in my group including 1 vegetarian, 1 will only eat poultry person, and 1 gluten intolerant person. I am a planner, so I made several items ahead of time, like mini caprese skewers for an appetizer! Yummy and so so easy. Other apps included fresh guacamole and chips, and ants on a log (a special request from one of my friends). I tried to make most food items at least *somewhat* healthy. 

Mini Caprese Skewers:

Cherry Tomatoes
Cherry Size mozzarella balls
Fresh Basil

Put on a toothpick, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Done!

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